Eternelle is a luxury anti-aging serum program. It presents a minimalist design that is tailored to the new luxury segment. The main bottle is refillable and reusable so you can order refills when necessary and extend the main dispenser’s product life and lower the quantity of generated waste. 




Composition and 3D Rendering


Sustainable, Luxurious, Modern

Design and branding by Biomyc.


The design is inspired by the Japanese luxury melon industry, where a commonplace item can cost up to 25 000$. The Japanese melon is a symbol of the human pursuit of perfection as a result of meticulous care and an eye for detail. Something that resonates strongly in the beauty care industry.


The dispenser bottle consists of three pieces. A/ A bottom housing, made of compostable mushroom material, that acts as a thermal insulator for the temperature-sensitive serum inside. B/ A recycled metal messing dispenser top with an organic geometry finish. C/ A refillable bottle set that can be popped in and out of the main bottle with an intuitive click mechanism.

Additionally, the refill bottle pack contains four additional bottles as part of the treatment sequence. The bottles are housed in a mushroom material insert that is placed in a carry box that complements the design of the main dispenser bottle. The external packaging is a combination of recycled metal trim and a textured outer shell resembling the rings of a great oak to add to the natural feel and give homage to the traditional way Japanese luxury melons are packaged.


The display shots show the concept of the beauty program, but also its functionality and the way it is meant to be used. The renders include abstract melon-like shapes to complement the futuristic design. The multiple parts of the program are displayed in a natural way that shows all of the parts of the meticulously constructed product. The box and individual containers are paired and juxtaposed to show the whole range and long-term use.

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