Mazilo&co draws beauty from nature. The creams and soaps paint a beautiful landscape of fruit and flowers that nourish your skin and leave you refreshed and relaxed.




Brand Design, Packaging Design


Fresh, Natural, Saturated


Bright colors and fresh fruit. Mazilo&co’s branding tells the story of freshly picked peaches and figs, juiced, mashed and distilled to bring you some of the finest gift nature has to offer – glowing moisturized skin. The brand’s purpose is to use natural ingredients with refreshing scents and textures to revitalize your skin at home and on-the-go.


The design employs stylized illustrations and splash-like dotted effects to represent the explosion of freshness you get when you squeeze the tube. The colors are bright and complementary to ensure contrast and attract the eye on the shelf and online. We used central compositions and patterns to ensure the focus is on the product and we always made sure the surrounding props were framing the product in a natural way.

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