In a world where minimalism is becoming more and more popular and necessary, NEA’s packaging is designed to be versatile and sustainable.




Brand Design, Packaging Design


Sustainable, Stylish, Functional


The concept for NEA was born from the need for an innovative reusable solution to stop the perpetuation of single use plastic in the beauty industry.

This requires durable and sustainable materials that are meant to be reused and refilled. As a brand, NEA aims to embody natural femininity and gentle tranquility. Minimalist two-material packaging design – cork and glass. Easy to reuse, durable, fully recyclable – the design offers a solution for travelling and orderliness at home and on the go.


NEA is a line of beauty products that are consciously environmental friendly, feminine, bright, and ecologically-friendly. We use the latest technologies to develop our products and have a team of experts who help us create the perfect product for you. We are committed to providing the best quality products and want to ensure that you have the best experience with NEA.


NEA’s customer base are people who are looking for sustainability in their daily life. The set of beauty products contains the baseline of a skincare routine anyone should own. The refill functionality significantly lowers the long term costs for the customer, so NEA has the advantage in the middle-to-low price range.


NEA’s product range includes micellar water, hydrating cream, and toothpaste tablets each in a glass container. The bottles are made of glass, while the label is screen printed on the bottle or jar with only 2 colors. Every product has a cork lid with a versatile compartment for accompanying products – plastic free make-up pads, dental floss, and a facemask brush. NEA’s packaging design reflects the ethereal and innovative spirit of the brand, while also including all the necessary information about the product.

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